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Invest in Solar

Where to invest $10,000 – 50k right now in
2023? (Las Vegas)

We are a small solar company located in the Las Vegas area. We are looking for investors or those that would like to make money profiting off of solar sales. We are expanding operations in the call center industry. We are generating solar appointments and need funding for operations. With global warming and this extreme hot weather, solar is the hottest comeditie and the best investment for 2023 with reliable returns?
This investment is very simple and practical with very high returns.

Your investment goes towards marketing and advertising slots.
Each slot represents solar sales. You will make money on the solar sales your slots paid for. We are looking for serious folks because our staff is door knocking and appointment setting out there BEATING THE HEAT and ON THE PHONES! Serious entrepreneurs or investors to join us in our business we are looking to raise $100,000 dollars towards marketing and advertising and your investment is payable every quarter.
Minimum Investment $2000 with a 100% return, payable every quarter!